Jeremy Sawatzky - DP


I have been an imaging professional for the past 20 years, which makes me feel kind of old-ish. When I was fresh out of photography school, I cut my teeth as a stills production photographer at in Seattle, shooting product outlines on white, day in and day out.

True story, and I kid you not…I am actually listed in the US Patent and Trademark database, as the Primary Inventor of Amazon’s patent on Photography Against a White Background.

When news of Amazon’s (my) patent spread across the internet, photographers everywhere were furious. So, HA! I officially say to you all! Eat my dust! :-)

By that time, I had become the Senior Photographer for Amazon’s World Wide Imaging Team and I was responsible for launching new studios and designing photography and film/video processes for those studios, including training still photographers to cross-over into film/video production.

I was also the staff DP/Photographer for dozens of Amazon’s high profile product launches.

Amazon Kindle spot I DP’d.

By the time I left the company, there were over 100 staff photographers/videographers world-wide working under my direction and I had executed several large multimillion dollar studio builds including Amazon’s fashion studio in Brooklyn, NY and a 30,000 square foot stage in Cincinnati that required so many amps that the city had to install a new line of electrical service to the building.

After 12+ years with Amazon, my wife Tina and I started our own company, Simple Life Media, that owns and operates several high traffic web properties, and currently employs 30+ people.

This success enabled us to be location independent, so we left rainy Seattle behind and chose Carlsbad, CA as our new home. We love our life here, with our two kids and 2 golden retrievers.

Tina is the CEO of our company, and quite frankly is much smarter than me, so as our company has matured, it has allowed me the time to return to my creative roots and start freelancing again.

That’s my story, thanks for reading!

Meet Bobo and Kaikai :-)

Meet Bobo and Kaikai :-)